At Fowler Honda, our service center is here to support those in Norman, OK as well as the surrounding areas of Stillwater, Ardmore, and Oklahoma City in keeping their vehicles on the road. For all your service needs, bring in your Honda or any vehicle from any make or brand to see us and we can assist you.

We're well equipped to do all routine services for your vehicle at suggested intervals. This includes being able to get your oil changed, fluids checked and topped off, tire rotations, alignments, battery services, brake service and more. These are vital to vehicle functionality and getting them when needed helps your vehicle continue to perform at a high level. Additionally, we're able to diagnose and repair any vehicle issue you might be having. If you're unsure of what the cause is for performance issues, or there's a noise coming from your vehicle, we can look into it, find the fix, and get to making the necessary repairs needed.

You can count on our team using the right parts, including genuine Honda parts for Honda vehicles, along with the right tools, equipment and technology to get the job done right and hand you back your vehicle fixed and ready to hit the road again.

To schedule an appointment, you can call our service center, or make an appointment online. We're here to help you at Fowler Honda and keep your vehicle running in tip-top shape so you get many miles of enjoyment by meeting all your auto service needs.

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